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EN 471 - European Standards for hi-Visibility Clothing. These garments must carry the CE mark. This mark should not be removed. The clothing, to remain effective, must be kept clean and not show signs of fading.

BS EN 471 Class 2e.g. Waistcoats
The Torso shall have two horizontal bands of retro-reflective material at least 50mm apart, the lower horizontal band at least 50mm away from the garments bottom edge, with bands over each shoulder joining the upper body band front & back

BS EN 471 Class 3 e.g. Jackets
The Torso is as given for waistcoats, Full length sleeves should have two bands of retro-reflective material matching those on the torso; the upper band between the elbow and the shoulder, the lower band at least 50mm away from the sleeves bottom edge.

Class 3

Yellow garments are suitable for works on all roads and high speed roads (over 50mph) for maximum visibility. Reflective stripes are 50mm wide.

Class 2

Yellow garments are suitable for works on county type/urban roads such as class A and B roads where the speed of traffic is less than 50mph. Reflective strips are 50mm wide.

The Standard is split into three classes of garments, based on their level of conspicuity: -

Class 3 (highest level of conspicuity) Items include:

Class 2 (intermediate level conspicuity) Items include:

Class 1 (lowest level of conspicuity) Items include:

EN343 – Our Hi Vis Waterproof garments are regulated by the safety standards of EN343. However, EN343 is subdivided into three sub-levels of protective clothing. EN343 Class 3 affords the highest level of foul weather protection. EN343 Class 2 provides intermediate foul weather protection, and EN343 Class 1 provides the lowest level of foul weather protection.

Any of our garments carrying an EN343 standard will have fully taped waterproof seams giving a Class 3 level protection against foul weather.

EN 1150 - Whilst EN471 specifies a set of requirements for high visibility warning garments for professional use in the work place, the EN1150 standard provides details for non-professional use, together with criteria for minimum area’s and placement of reflective material to achieve enhanced conspicuity.

Garments conforming to these standards are capable of signalling the user’s presence visually under any light conditions both by day and under illumination by vehicle headlights in the dark. Non-professional use, EN1150, is considered to be suitable for children, cyclists and pedestrian training activities, walking bus etc.

Each garment consists of both background material, (luminous) and retro reflective materials, (reflective bands and braces). The background material provides for day light conspicuity whilst the retro reflective provides for night time visibility.

EN1150 can either be satisfied by the minimum areas of background and retro reflective materials, or depending on the height of the wearer, the combined performance area.


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